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Founded at Turku 16.11.1992, the Exlibris Aboensis is presently one of the biggest bookplate societies worldwide. Members of the society can be found from all parts of Finland, from Helsinki to Savukoski to Kiihtelysvaara.


The Latin words “ex libris” means freely translated: My book/A Book from my shelf/Belongs to my library. In the bookplate itself, the text is written separately (the words usually starting with a capital letter), but as a concept, the words are usually written together. Bookplates bring together literary and miniature art. The themes on the picture very often describe things that are important in the life of the owner, i.e. profession, hobbies, native locality, family, title etc. The bookplate is glued to the inner side of the book cover, up on the left side. The rule is very old and easy to comply with – otherwise the bookplate, which is intended to embellish the book, may be shadowed by the covering paper.


The Society is very active and the most important events are:
  • The exchange meetings
  • Courses
  • Journeys and trips
  • Meetings as provided in the rules
  • Fairs and exhibitions
  • Meetings
You can look at exact dates in here.


Also, attached please find a list of artists belonging to the Society who are willing to design bookplates.


Join the club and start a new hobby! The yearly membership fee is 25 €. Every new member will get for free the Society’s magazines already published that year, the List of members and an information package about bookplates. The Society will arrange an advantageous joint printing twice a year, in which you will be able to print your very own bookplate.

You can join the Exlibris Aboensis by printing and filling out the attached form, PDF.  The form is attached, in Adobe Acrobat version.  Mail it to the following address:

Exlibris Aboensis
Pj. Tauno Piiroinen
Mertatie 12
FI-21100 Naantali